5 tips to make the most from your language exchange

5 tips to make the most from your language exchange

Language exchange done right is one of the best ways to improve your English fast. It’s never been so easy to connect with people across the world without leaving your house. Go ahead and find yourself a buddy to practice your language skills. If you interested in benefiting truly from this way of learning, have a look at these tips:


Set the rules at the beginning. You and your partner must agree to some rules that will make an exchange efficient. The following tips will give you an idea of what should be included in your set of rules.


Set the time limit, for example, 30 minutes for Spanish and then 30 minutes for English. This way, both sides will be satisfied, happy and wanting to continue the partnership.


Prepare yourself. Both of you should give yourself time to prepare for each session. Agree on the topic you are going to discuss a week before and make , expressions, etc. for your buddy.

Keep a record. Get a notebook and jot down new information. You will retain more this way.


Review what you have learnt so far. Each week spend a small portion of your meeting on revising of what you did last week.

Following these tips require more effort than just sipping coffee and chatting. The results, however, will be spectacular. Good luck!