6 easy ways to incorporate learning a language into your daily life

6 easy ways to incorporate learning a language into your daily life

Let’s face it: finding time each day to study a new language is challenging. You have your work, family, or school to take care of, and your free time is already minimal. Worry not, here are six tips that will help you ensure that you practice your language muscles even during your busiest days!

TIP #1
Revise notes/vocabulary on your way to work or school. If you are travelling each day by bus or train, this time will add up to several hours each month. Don’t waste those precious minutes!

TIP #2
Listen to podcasts/audiobooks while exercising indoors or outdoors. You no longer need to sacrifice your exercising routine to squeeze out some time for your studies.

TIP #3

Listen to audiobooks while cleaning. Yes, you can turn the boredom of household chores into a thrilling learning experience.

TIP #4

Write your notes/shopping lists etc. in the language you are learning. Every time you need to write something, try to write it in a language you are studying.

TIP #5

Find international groups in your city or online and make some friends. Being forced to use a foreign language will surely speed up the learning process.

TIP #6

Aim to spend at least 10 minutes each day reading in a foreign language. You can reach for international news or subscribe to newsletters/online magazines.

What are your tips for making sure you learn something new each day?