EFL Beginners | The Definite Article “The” | Practice

EFL Beginners | The Definite Article “The” | Practice

EFL Beginners | The Definite Article “The” | Practice

The Definite Article “The” – Practice Exercises


Task 1

Fill in the  blanks with “the” or leave an empty place if there is no need for any articles.

  1. __ elephant is a very smart animal.
  2. I buy ___ bread in __ small shop next to my house.
  3. I like to read __ National Geographic to practice my English.
  4. __ Anna is the girl that goes to my school. 
  5. He wants to go to __ China.
  6. My grandfather is form __ Maldives.
  7. Do you often go to __ McDonald’s?
  8. Tom can play __ violin very well.
  9. Where is __ Dead Sea? 

Task 2

Drag and drop: the, a, an, or no article (X).

  1. __ black cat jumps on my window. __ cat is scared and wants to hide inside my house.
  2. My uncle wants to trek in __ Pyrenees next summer.
  3. Do you have __ bike?
  4. Timothy is __ optician.
  5. How much for these oranges? ___ oranges are 2 $ __ kilogram.
  6. I go to __ Spain once a year.
  7. The cow produces __ milk.
  8. Can you buy __ rice and __ water?
  9. Perry wants to buy a house in __ California.
  10. __ Mona Lisa is a beautiful artwork.

Task 3

Read the story and fill in the blanks with a suitable article.

John wakes up at 6 am every morning. He takes a shower, combs his hair and puts on his clothes. It’s now time for __ breakfast. Everyday he eats _ omelette and _ apple. He never eats __ bread. John doesn’t like __ milk so he drinks __ water instead.

After breakfast he brushes his teeth and then he cycles to work. __ office is 10 minutes away from his home. After work, John goes to __ nearest pub to meet his friends.