Have got and Have | Study Notes | EFL Level A2

Have got and Have | Study Notes | EFL Level A2

Have got and Have | Study Notes | EFL Level A2

Have got and Have – what is the difference?


 “Have got” and “have” have the same meaning. You use them to talk about:


  • Possession: I have got three rabbits.
  • Illnesses: She has a flu.
  • Relationship: He has two sisters.
  • Characteristics: Tania has such a lovely smile.


Points to remember: 


  • In the contexts above, you can’t use “have got/have” in continuous forms.
  • “Have got”  sounds more informal than ”have”.


Do you remember how to conjugate the verb “to have”? That’s great, then “have got” is a breeze, and you are almost ready to use it! 


This is how to ask questions and give negative and positive answers using “have”:


  1. Does she have a bus ticket?

Yes,she has a bus ticket/Yes, she has.

No, she doesn’t have a bus ticket/ No, she doesn’t.


Now compare “have got”:


  1. Have you got a bus ticket?

Yes, I have got a bus ticket/Yes, I’ve got a bus ticket.

No, I have not got a bus ticket/ No, I haven’t got a bus ticket


In point A, you use the auxiliary verb “do”, you don’t use it in point B.


The table below provides more examples:


Affirmative sentences Negative sentences Questions
HAVE GOT I have got two sisters.

You have got a dog.

She/he/it has big ears.

We have got a flu.

You have got brown hair.

They have got friends in Spain.

I haven’t got two sisters.

You haven’t got a dog. 

She/he/it has big ears.

We haven’t got a flu.

You haven’t got brown hair.

They haven’t got friends in Spain.

Have I got two sisters?

Have you got a dog?

Has she/he/it got big?

Have we got a flu?

Have you got brown hair?

Have they got friends in Spain?

HAVE I have two sisters.

You have a dog.

She/he/it has big ears.

We have a flu.

You have brown hair.

They have friends in Spain.

I don’t have two sisters.

You don’t have a dog.

She/he/it doesn’t have big ears.

We don’t have a flu.

You don’t have brown hair.

They don’t have friends in Spain.

Do you have two sisters?

Do you have a dog?

Does she/he/it have big ears?

Do we have a flu?

Do you have brown hair?

Do they have friends in Spain?