Jobs that will help you improve your English

Jobs that will help you improve your English

Want to improve your English fast? The best method ever invented is living in a country of a language that you are trying to learn.
You do not need to spend a vast amount of money on expensive courses abroad. I encourage you to improve your language by… working.
This way you will not only improve your English but also gain some valuable experience. Here is the list of jobs that helped me a lot with my English skills and do not require specialized education:

1. Bartender: being a bartender gives you an ample opportunity to practice your listening skills and speaking skills also (on peaceful weekday evenings, not on Saturday night though). You will meet many people who allow you to engage in the conversation. If you do not mind late night working hours, that may be a good match for you.

2. Shop attendant: this is an excellent match for those who value their sleep. You will still get to meet many people, and you can hone your customer service skills as well as your English skills. Double win.

3. Customer Service Representative: you will get to interact with many people daily. You will also get an opportunity to learn new skills like handling complaints and dealing with different types of customers.

4. Sales Representative: a great job that will equip you with valuable sales skills and will undoubtedly improve your English.

5. Waitress/waiter: being a waiter, similarly to bartending, will give you many occasions to practice your speaking and that’s what you want when learning a language.

Remember: although dealing with customers can be challenging at times, this is a great opportunity to accelerate your language learning.

Good luck on your job search!